Moshions Collections

Inkingi Collection

Inkingi Collection tells a story of a wish-turned-sensation. Every piece represents the materiality of evolution; breathing memories of a one-roomed workshop that blossomed into an unmistakable national signature. The collection is full of life and playful nuances. Custom prints, bold colors and daring styles represent strength, freedom, and hard work. Each creation stands in its own essence, like a pillar to a rising brand.

Ingoma yanjye (My Kingdom)

Inspired by Rwanda’s regal fashion, Moshions presents a collection that speaks class, elegance, and grace of ancient kings and queens. An eclectic movement to pay tribute to the game-changing monochromatic and geometric designs, imigongo, discovered in the 18th century.

The royal sensation makes its way into the contemporary realm; exploring the unmatched beauty of Rwanda’s kingdom fashion.

Intsinzi Collection

The beating drums, triumphant shouts, and joyful faces represent victory. The amalgam of such sounds carry celebrations. Intsinzi Collection is a brand new way to celebrate; where victory meets fashion.   It reflects strength, self-worth and avid ambition for success. This collection is also a reminder of how victory is part of us Africans, makes us, and knits us together as a flourishing community. Beautifully designed in Rwanda, Intsinzi is a gift from us to the world.   Every piece in the collection is bold, fierce, and flattering. It recognizes significant warriors who defied impossibilities and inspire us to move forward every day. Victory is yours and mine – let’s rock it in style!

Utopia Collection

Utopia is the imaginary kingdom… The habitants wear outfits that designed to shine with power, elegance and uniqueness. The style looks similar and different in so many ways that allows everyone to embrace their persona.

Rafiki Colllection

Everyone needs a friend. You can be someone’s friend, but not everyone’s friend. Fashion is your rafiki. Fashion is everyone’s rafiki.

Ruheru Collection

Who we are; unknown. Who’ve been; unknown. Who we will be; unknown. That’s the mysterious beauty of life.