Moshions Collections

Ishuri Collection

Moses Turahirwa shares a personal story of exploration and perseverance through Ishuri, meaning School. Each piece was designed using daring hues and shapes serving as a metaphor for the beauty found in diversity. Ishuri is an ode to individuality, to the students of life, to the misfits, whom society labels strange. Ishuri celebrates those brave enough to carve out their own path in life and create their own adventures.

Inkingi Collection

The Inkingi, Pillar, Collection captures the concept of a continuous journey. Inkingi is the trunk of the ever-expanding family tree – each branch represents the evolution of Moshions; blossoming from its origins as a one-roomed workshop to becoming a pillar of African contemporary fashion. Each Inkingi creation is a distinct combination of custom print, bold colour and playful imagination. 

Ingoma yanjye (My Kingdom)

Inspired by regal tradition and elegance, Moshions presents a collection that reimagines the sophistication, royal air, and grace of ancient Rwandan kings and queens. The pieces feature geometric and traditional patterns, Imigongo, invented in Rwanda around the 18th century. The Ingoma Yanjye Collection explores traditional motif work through the contemporary Moshions eye.

Intsinzi Collection

Intsinzi means Victory, and the Collection was crafted as an ode and dedication to the men and women, who led the struggle to build a new Rwanda. The Intsinzi pieces reflect the gallant, fierce, and unbreakable spirit of a nation. It employs top-notch craftsmanship and symbolic beadwork; combining the best traits of history to create the new. Entirely designed and made in Rwanda.

Utopia Collection

Utopia brings to life Moses Turahirwa’s imagination of a kingdom filled with majestic flair, fantasy, and freedom. The subjects exude vibrant personalities in dreamlike outfits. They embrace their true selves, absent from any fears for repercussion. Utopia is a reflection of the Moshions world – a place where freedom of self-expression is the ultimate way of life.

Rafiki Colllection

Rafiki is the Swahili word for Friend. The Rafiki Collection celebrates friendship—in all its many forms—through a broad range of unique statement pieces. Because friends come in different dimensions, moments in time, and circumstances. The collection recalls friends of influence; those who saw immense potential in Turahirwa’s work from the beginning.

Ruheru Collection

Who we are; unknown. Who’ve been; unknown. Who we will be; unknown. That’s the mysterious beauty of life.